The Art of Making Biscuits

Scout showing off one of his unique kitten talents…we call it making biscuits.

I’m not sure why cats need to knead, but my cats have the additional habit of drooling while they knead. Scout lets loose a drop of drool towards the end of this video.

Kitten Zen…


Kittens and the Otherworld

Photo Jul 31

Should I tell my brother about the ghost hovering over him? Nah.

You know how cats have a habit of suddenly staring up over your head or behind you, with eyes as big a saucers? It can be unnerving. Do they see ghosts, or are they just messing with us simple-minded humans?

How to Make a Bed

Scout loves to help me put clean sheets on the bed… here’s how he operates. Every.Single.Time.

Assessing how I can kill whatever is making these bumps move...

Assessing what is making these bumps move, and how I can kill it.

Next, I must bite the victim with my fangs and stun it into submission

Next, I must bite the victim to stun it into submission

Cat playing on the bed

I will then surprise attack with my razor sharp claws!

Uh oh... I think my fang is stuck.

Uh oh… I think my fang is stuck.

Uh, sorry about the little holes... but there is always a price to pay for defeating the enemy!

Uh, sorry about the little holes… but we’ve defeated the enemy!