Dog Days of Summer at Bolsa Chica Wetlands


We woke up to bright sunshine this morning, instead of the usual June gloom. I decided it was a perfect day to hike the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. Kona agreed.


Kona seemed to enjoyed exploring new scents from the multitude of critters that pass through this reserve, and like clockwork, sneaks away from me to get a quick roll on a dead bird when my back is turned. Dead birds = stinky puppy.


There is usually a wide variety of birds hanging out next to the water’s edge, ranging from beautiful cranes to predatory hawks and vultures.


The wetlands have a unique beauty. I love the huge, rusty old oil pumps seesawing slowly, groaning and squeaking. Growing up in Huntington Beach, these were always a part of the urban scenery.


Cactus bloom is a part of the indigenous landscape.


Sunshine with a cool breeze. All-in-all it was a lovely afternoon spent with my boy.


Saturday Shopping at Pacific City


Saturday morning is made for window-shopping at Pacific City.


Though not all the stores are open yet, there are some really great restaurants and a wide variety of shops.


One of my favorite stores.


Kona’s favorite store. Well, not the bath part of it.


This place smells great! Let’s go in! Hey, who’s that looking at me? She’s kinda cute…



Just a little lick. They’ll never know.


Which way is the beach? Are we going swimming now?


The view from the restaurants isn’t too shabby.


There’s plenty of outdoor seating available, and a few glass-fire pits for chillier evenings.


Okay, okay I’ll look at the camera. Sheesh!


Most of the stores were still closed so we got to peer in and snap lots of pics without disturbing anybody.


Have a superb Saturday, friends!


Dog Day Afternoon, Ocean Style

On this fine Saturday morning Kona and I started off to Dog Beach. As we were cursing along Coast Highway, the traffic became thick with brake lights and people were swarming the are. Oh crap. I finally realized it was the final weekend of the US Surf Open.


Luckily, we got through downtown without a glitch and found great parking. This guy found great parking too.


Good ol’ Ruby’s Diner. Back when I was a kid it was The End Cafe, before it was destroyed by huge waves in 1983.


No, bub, I’m not following you into the water just yet.


Harbor Patrol keeping it safe.

DSC_0021Remember what happened last time you drank salt water? Highly undesirable after-effects.




C’mon already! It’s time to get wet!


Pretty houses on the way back to the car.


More pretty houses. Some were empty! Do people actually live here?


 Cheers to a fabulous weekend!

What Kind of Dog is She?


What am I? I’m just a dog who loves his humans. Woof!

I get asked this question frequently when go out with Kona. More often than not, folks assume he’s a girl, because he’s so pretty.

When I found him on adopt-a-pet, he was categorized as an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix. My previous dog was this same mix, only black, white and tan. Kona has the same body shape and “feathers” as his Border Collie cousins, though he has yet to show any interest in herding – just chasing squirrels and cats.


Border Collie

He also has the Aussie / Border Collie pigeon-toed gait that (which is adorable).

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

I’ve had two people at dog beach insist that he is definitely an English Shepherd, which is a breed I had never heard of until they mentioned it. I looked it up, and the similarity is striking. The dog in this photo has the same “blocky” head as me.

English Shepherd

English Shepherd

One day a dog trainer approached us and asked if Kona was a Duck Tolling Retriever. We thought he was kidding, but he explained that this is an actual breed of dog that instinctively frolics back and forth along the shores of lakes to attract curious ducks, drawing them out of the water so the duck hunter can shoot.

Interestingly enough, Kona LOVES the water and does frolic playfully along the shore. Mum looked this breed up, and we do indeed look similar.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

A neighbor of mine who used to own a Siberian Husky is convinced that he is part Siberian Husky. She explained that of all the huskies, only the Siberian’s carry the gene for blue eyes. After observing him playing with other Huskies, he does have the same almond-shaped, blue eyes, rimmed with black eyeliner.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

I suppose the only way we can really know what “he is” is to get a DNA test. Part of me wants to know, but the other part wants to continue enjoying the mystery (and I’m hesitant to fork out the money for the test). I don’t really care one way or another. The bottom line is, I adore my pup no matter what my DNA says.


Dogs in the ‘hood

We are fortunate to live in a neighborhood of dog enthusiasts. Our house is across the street from an elementary school with a large fenced-in grass area, which turns into an unofficial dog park in the evenings and weekends.

Reading my pee-mail

Since I tend to be somewhat introverted, Kona plays a key role in helping me get to know the neighbors. It’s really a win-win situation, because the dogs get to build their social skills as well.

Getting to know my neighbors and their dogs continues to be a rewarding experience. I have come to appreciate dog folks – they really are a special breed!