End-of-Semester Celebration


It’s about time you paid attention to me

This morning I celebrated the end of another semester by taking Kona on a nice long walk near the beach. We strolled through a newly built outdoor mall, taking in the chilly, crystal clear air and holiday cheer.


This semester was particularly challenging and time consuming, but worth every minute. All of the technical skills learned so far have come together in my architectural photography class, as well as an appreciation of textures and tones.


Metal and wood textures

Though I’m grateful for having the opportunity to participate in a great photography program, it feels really nice to get back to taking pictures just for the sake of capturing moments that are dear to me. It’s important to keep it fun by spending time with my favorite model.


A Wider Perspective

We made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday and have landed on Cyber-Monday. These are all national holidays, right?


Yes, please, I’ll have that bacon treat!

I celebrated Black Friday by taking advantage of an instant rebate offered by Nikon and got myself a new camera and a wide-angle lens. I’m excited about my new gear, and you will all be seeing more pictures of Kona’s handsome face as well as his feline brothers as well.


Let’s BUNGLE in the JUNGLE! I’m a tiger Hear me RAWR!

This wide-angle lens, a Nikon 16-35mm, allows me to see the bigger picture. An ordinary portrait becomes more of a story, like an environmental portrait, allowing for more creativity.


You know I’m your favorite cat, right?

I’m finishing up my Fall semester and am REALLY looking forward to some time off to play with my new equipment and start getting more posts (and pictures) up on the blog.

Hope you all had a great holiday week, and a very happy Monday to everyone!

Woofs and wags,

~ Lori, Kona, Scout and Pumpkin

Happy Adoption Day, Kona

Kona's First Halloween

On October 28, 2009, Kona came into our lives and settled into his forever home. I came across Kona’s adoption papers recently and was amazed when I saw that it has been six whole years!

This photo was taken on Halloween, just a few days Kona’s arrival. He was 15 pounds underweight, recovering from severe kennel cough and struggling with some behavior issues. With the advice of my vet, we fattened him up quickly with a diet  of chicken, rice and yams, and started dealing with his aggression towards other dogs by following the Dog Whisperer DVD’s.

Kona’s come a long way in six years and has turned out to be a wonderful dog and a huge part of our family. We’re so grateful to have him in our nest.