Welcome! My name is Kona and I am a Husky-Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mutt living in Southern California. My pack consists of my two humans {Lori and the Mister} and two younger cat-brothers {Pumpkin and Scout}.

I was adopted from a rescue group based out of San Diego, California, called Second Chance Dog Rescue. I was lucky, because I was pulled out of a high-kill shelter on the day I was scheduled to be euthanized. Yikes!

In June, 2014, Pumpkin and Scout appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly, there were two tiny creatures following me around the house, making squeaky sounds. The little stinkers have been purring their way into our hearts and keeping us entertained ever since. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve gotten used to the little goobers.

Lori has always felt a strong bond to dogs and cats, and loves taking pictures of our furry family, as well as connecting with other fellow animal enthusiasts. She’s taking photography classes and working towards becoming a professional photographer, with a “focus” on animals 🙂

We hope you enjoy your visit to Tails by the Sea. Please don’t be shy – drop us a line! We love (pawsitive) feedback.

~ Woofs, wags, and meows from Kona, Pumpkin, Scout & Lori

20 thoughts on “About

      • Hellloooo there, I’m super excited that you called on by to visit, Neurotic Cat said to say Hi, she’s the same colour as me, but oh so much smaller and I have to be careful around her as I’m just a little clumsy LOL

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  1. Hi Kona,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. It looks like you have a lot more sunshine where you live than we currently do in New York. I hope you are okay living with that cat. Frankly, I don’t know you put up with them.
    Albert the Dog

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  3. Hey, K. I was also rescued from a kill-shelter. Now I am a certified therapy dog! I work at the VA Home and the public library. I love kids I think they smell delicious. Like gum. And dirt…

    Love and licks,

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    • Hi Cupcake! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Being a therapy dog sounds like a wonderful job. It takes a very patient and calm pup to be around little humans. I’m a little scared of the creatures to be honest. Woof! MBH


  4. Hi!
    Thank you for starting to follow our blog. We, my husband, me and Kosmo, our cat, are also animal enthusiasts and our hobby is photography. Plant-based cooking is very familiar to us, we are able to find our food without killing animals.
    Really nice to meet you!

    Kosmo and his parents
    from faraway Finland.


    • That’s awesome, Kosmo! So much in common at the other side of the world! I’ve never been to Finland, but mom’s always had a fascination with that part of the world. We’re both looking forward to more of you beautiful photos of your country! Woofs and wags ~ Kona

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  5. Hi Kona … all the pups at fiesta-siesta.net are so happy you liked our last post. We enjoyed seeing what was up in your world. We are mighty glad your people got you into their life in time. Keep an eye on those cats — they can be mighty tricky if they are anything like the ones that lurk around here! Daisy and Katie

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    • Hey Daisy and Katie! So glad you stopped by and read about me and my family. Mom says that I rescued her, but I think it goes both ways for sure. My kitty brothers can be little stinkers and also kind of fun 🙂 ~ wags and woofs, Kona


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