Sunday Morning Sunshine

I love sunny mornings.

Here in Southern California, we usually have an abundance of sunshine. This winter, however, has been colder than usual with plenty of gray days and rain.

This morning we awoke to the sunshine pouring through the windows. The skies are clear and it finally feels like spring.

Kona and I ventured to the local school and he spent the entire morning sniffing pretty much every blade of grass. We came across two little friends peeking into the school yard.

Feeling happy to share a little sunshine and gratitude from our corner of the world.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Sunshine

  1. Charlee: “That’s for sure! We thought it was never going to stop raining!”
    Chaplin: “It was so chilly and damp this year that Dada got chilblains on some of his fingers. Whatever those are!”
    Charlee: “Whatever fingers are?”
    Chaplin: “No, whatever chilblains are.”
    Charlee: “They’re what you get when you don’t turn on the heat, apparently!”

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