Best in Show

The other night we were channel surfing and I stopped on a dog show. Scout was transfixed, watching the dogs and their handlers glide across the floor. He tends to watch TV when there are animals, especially cats. It looks like dog shows have become his new favorite.

Does your pet watch TV? If so, do they have a favorite show?

10 thoughts on “Best in Show

  1. I only watch Netflix, but sometimes there is something that will catch Lucy or Xena’s attention for a short while. Years ago I kept a buff cocker spaniel for a friend and she kept going back and forth between me, as I was reading, and the TV. I finally figured out she wanted me to turn it on. Once I did, she settled down and watched it the rest of the night.

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  2. Kali is not a TV watcher unless a bird flies on the screen. Then she is mesmerized for quite some time. Myself, I like the animal pictures or dogs barking. My favourite movie of all time is Psyco. I watch that movie specially Norman Bates like a hawk.


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  3. hello tails by the sea its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav never ben mutch into teevee but the hipster kitties like to stayr at it i think chaplins fayvrit show is simons cat!!! and saya the mighty yoozed to watch dadas kung fu show into the badlands i think she may hav ben lukking for poynters on how to yooze her katana!!! happy noo yeer to all of yoo!!! ok bye

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  4. My parrots love to watch TV – mainly cartoons. Although our African Gray also like to watch non-violent TV shows or movies. My dogs and cats couldn’t care less, but then, I don’t watch much TV either.

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