Finding My Voice


What do I want the focus of this blog to be about?

I started blogging in December, 2014 with the intention of creating a dog-blog about my pup, Kona, and his amusing interactions with his two feline brothers. It started off as “Mr Baloney Head” because one of Kona’s many nicknames was Kona-Balona-Baloney-Head. I wrote from the dog’s point of view, with random appearances from the cats. I had a blast creating a world from what I imagined was my pet’s hilarious perspective.

After writing in this fashion for a while, I realized that I wanted to talk about my other passions, from my perspective, so I changed the name to “Tails by the Sea.” It wouldn’t make sense to have a dog talking about sports photography, because, well, he’s not into sports. Except chasing cats. I tried saying “from the desk of…” to clarify whose voice was speaking, but it just got too complicated.

What if I want to write about food? What if I want to write and post pictures of surfing, sports, flowers or architecture? Would I be breaking the rules of blogging to write about interests other than my pets?

As this blog evolves, I remind myself that I can make this blog whatever I choose to make it. (It’s my blog and I can write what I want to, write what I want to… to the tune of It’s my party and I can cry if I want to).

I’ve had other blogs along with this one. I gave that up because I simply don’t have time to maintain multiple blogs about my many different interests.

So, I’ve concluded, at least for now, that I am going to follow my many passions in one blog, and write about whatever I feel like writing about. Fortunately, my #1 passion, aside from photography, is my fur family. They are a huge part of my life, and I will continue to write about them and post pictures.

You might also see photos of food, and my attempts to cook, as well as whatever I might be working on in photography school.

Anywhoo, thanks for listening to my conundrum. Do any of you ever feel like changing up your blog? What do you think about having different voices in your writing? I’d love to hear about your blogging-philosophies!


18 thoughts on “Finding My Voice

  1. I say go with your gut. I have a dog blog and a cat blog and often I wish I just had more of a “general” blog where I could post anything I wanted. I believe with your title, YOU CAN. Sadly, my blog titles don’t lend themselves well towards that. That being said, I have been thinking of adding other components to mine as well, (namely food). I LOVE to cook and have been wanting to add food to both of them since I began blogging in 2009!!! Good luck with whatever you do!

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    • Thank you so much for your feedback. The general consensus seems to be exactly what you said – go with my gut. I agree whole heartedly. If you love to cook, we’d love to read about it! Maybe you can incorporate it into your cat and dog blogs by snapping a picture of your dog or cat watching you cook. Hey, I’ve just given myself an idea…


  2. It’s your blog and you can write what you want to, write what you want to. Yes. My blog, although named after my now departed schnauzer, has many voices, mostly other dogs, as well as, very occasionally, mine. It does, however, all center around dog stuff. Have you ever checked out Lin does a fantastic job writing about her interesting life, cooking, and other things, while still adding some photos and somewhat incorporating her beloved lab. Another blogger who does this very successfully is Rachel at I hope this is of help.

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  3. It sounds like my instagram account, which is my dog’s IG , @maemcnab, because my friend has an IG for his dog and of course I thought that sounded FUN. But what started out as my dog’s adventures very quickly became about beer, mountain life, and general shenanigans. So I say blog away about anything! My own blog has been taking a nap because I have a hard time deciding what to say there, what to talk about, what points to make. Maybe it doesn’t matter so much, as long as I write?

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    • Ha ha – I know what you mean about Instagram. I have 2 accounts and I’m thinking about just having 1 where I post whatever the heck I feel like posting. I guess if we use social media for a FUN outlet, we are more likely to stick with posting regularly. Keep writing! Or just post a picture and call it “Wordless Wednesday” or “Silent Saturday” 😉


  4. I don’t think it really matters what do you write. I mean do you have one, two or multiple topics, doesn’t matter. Just write what you love like I do. My topic was first dance and gymnastics but these days I write more whatever comes in my mind. It’s the best; you got an idea and you write it. Simple and nice! It’s also good that you have something for everyone!

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  5. I say, write about your passions. It is your blog and there are no rules. I took a blogging 101 course right after I started blogging and one thing they said you probably shouldn’t do was name your blog after your pet, because, heaven forbid, what happens to your blog if something happens to the pet. Well, I already had mine named after Tippy, so just left it. But, I do get their point. It is hard to blog about other things when that is the title of your blog. But, with the title you now have, I think it is fine to blog about anything. As far as voice goes, again, do what you feel is right for the subject matter at hand. I applaud you for changing it up and following your passions.

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    • Thanks for the feedback. That’s great that you took a blogging class! I’m realizing that this blog is my personal expression, and if I’m authentic in my posts, that will come through to the reader. I think keeping my blog name more general helps me express my multiple creative interests.

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