Rain and Replenish

Winter has finally arrived – at least our version of this season. Several major storms have recently passed through Southern California and left behind a solid snow pack in the local mountains and replenished our riverbeds and lakes.

Kona and I ventured to our favorite neighborhood park and were thrilled to see the small lake filled up with water again. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many ducks and geese waddling and floating around.

It was a perfect opportunity to test out my new super-zoom lens. I was very happy with the quality of the photos and it was fun getting so close to these birds and animals without scaring them or disturbing their activities.


Mom said I’m not allowed to roll around on any dead things…but I think I’m gonna do it anyway…

Along with the water fowl are plenty of well-fed squirrels. These critters will eat snacks right out of your hand. I swear this little guy was posing for the camera. He waited patiently and gave me his best profile.


Photos come at a price, lady

This park has been my sanctuary away from the concrete jungle since I was a child. Though we have gorgeous beaches within walking distance, sometimes I crave to be near green trees and hear the sounds of creeks and rivers. I try to make the most out of these small pockets of nature around town.

Having a connection to nature is essential for all humans, especially those of us who live in suburbia. The older I get, the more I feel pulled towards the slower pace of the forest and the trees. Most of all, I love the quiet.


Mom says I look like a Dingo here. Why does she keep asking me if I took the baby?

There’s nothing I like more than to experience the beauty of nature with my favorite companion. Kona has a blast sniffing everything and attempting to catch the squirrels.


Enchanted forest

When I was a kid, summer time was my favorite season, hands down. These days, I’m loving the crisp, cold feel of winter. After a solid rainfall, the air feels and smells clean and the colors of the atmosphere have a bluish tone, making for fantastic sunsets.

The perfect end to a long day.


Onward, driver – it’s chow time!

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!

Wags and woofs,

~ Lori and Kona

16 thoughts on “Rain and Replenish

  1. It’s good to see that California finally has gotten some well-deserved moisture! The photos are excellent, and show me that in the midst of the cities of the Los Angeles Megalopolis, there still are quiet parts of the natural world to be found.

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  2. I’m glad you have the green space near you. As I live in a rural area, I don’t really think about that much, but it is important to get out in nature every once in a while. I love your photos. The new camera, and your eye for detail, are great! Kona is so pretty. Tippy says to go ahead and roll in the dead thing. Mom can get the smell off if she doesn’t like it. LOL Yes, Tippy loves to roll in dead things! At least, she does NOT roll in the cow poo. That would be a daily occurrence if she did. The dead things are a rare treat.

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    • Haha I’m glad to know that Kona isn’t the only one who cherishes the scent of dead animals and bugs! Thank for the compliment – I do love finding little nooks of nature in between the concrete. It definitely soothes my soul and Kona loves it too (even if there’s nothing dead to roll on)


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