Christmas Day, So Cal Style


This post is a little late. On Christmas Day, we decided to take the boat out for a harbor cruise in San Diego. Though it was chilly in the morning, the day turned out to be beautiful and sunny.


Not a bad life for these marine critters, eh?

I wish I had a video of these “locals” sunning their bods like one big happy family. There are quite a few sea lions, which attracts sharks and Orcas. I was hoping to get some pictures of a pod of Orcas, but no luck. Maybe next time.


Pulling away from the harbor, ocean and sky.


Got fish, Mister?

Mister Sea Lion watching curiously as Kona barked his head off at him.


Jonathan Livingston?

I was trying out my new Tamron 70-200mm lens on moving objects. I’m very pleased at how sharp my bird-in-flight pictures turned out. Seagulls and pelicans are about as wild as our wildlife gets around here.


Kona was with us, though I failed to get any good pictures of him. When we were pulling up to the boat slip, he decided to jump into the water. I panicked and was fully prepared to jump in after him, but luckily was able to grab onto his collar and pull him up onto the swim step. I wish I could have snapped a picture of him all wet, but was too focused on getting my silly pup dried off and keeping him safe.


This guy hung on the entire trip!


Sparkling like diamonds


Liquid blue and gold

I could gaze at the shimmering water all day long.



Thanks for coming along on my ocean voyage. Happy Friday, and cheers to the weekend!

Woofs and wags,

~ Lori and Kona


7 thoughts on “Christmas Day, So Cal Style

  1. What a great way to spend Christmas day! The diamond affect on our local lake at sunset is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and can sit and watch until the sun is too low and I need to pull into dock. It sure doesn’t sound like a good place to take a swim if the marine life is attracting sharks. And don’t orcas kill sharks?

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  2. hello kona its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay that luks like yoo guys had a nice krooze!!! dada has ben owt on that harbor in a sail bote but uhhh aparently the moshun of the oshun is not to his liking eeven wen the oshun is a harbor!!! ennyway i hav herd that the harbor is ful of those see lion things and that they smel wunderful!!! wel dada sed terribul but i am shoor he ment wunderful!!! but do not jump into the water to snif them!!! ok bye

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