What’s Your Favorite Dog Toy?

Happy Labor Day!

Maybe every Monday should declared a holiday, what do you think? We’ll make it a world-wide day off to include everyone outside of the U.S. as well.

The Mister is working on his boat today, so Kona and I decided to do some dog-shopping. I’ve been promising Kona a new toy for a while now, since his favorite old squeaky bone has seen better days.


Squeaky bone and I share many happy memories

This old bone is special because Kona got to pick it out. It was once covered with bright yellow tennis ball felt, but he tore the skin off and ate it.

We made our way to the local pet supply store, and as soon as we walked in, the man at the counter handed Kona a snack. Instant friends.

There were so many toys! Kona headed straight over to the Kong toys, and sniffed out his favorite giant squeaky bone. We moved over to the snack area next, where he licked some of the tasty treats on my way down the aisle.


This is MY toy. I will bring it to you and growl when you try to grab it from me. Growl = grab bone and throw so I can fetch.

For now, until he drops it into something disgusting, this Kona’s inside toy.

What kind of dog toys do your pups like to play with? Do you have a favorite that you keep going back to again and again?

17 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Dog Toy?

  1. every Monday sounds terrific ๐Ÿถ our three dogs love anything that is plush, squeaky and can be torn to shreds. They don’t play with toys they destroy them…

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  2. Your squeaky bone is gorgeous, K. I hope it’s able to keep its skin on for a long time. I always play with stuffed animals. I like to run after them, shake them, and then I bring them on the couch and try to hatch them under my belly like eggs.

    Love and licks,

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  3. It looks like you had a great day shopping and I do think your new bone is beautiful. Tippy doesn’t really do toys….like some of you, she tends to destroy them instead of play. Her favorite things are sticks and a rope, but we don’t play with the rope much because she wants to play tug of war and she is way too energetic. I wind up getting accidentally scratched or bitten. I do love your new bone, Kona. It’s beautiful.

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  4. oh I bet toys you picket with your own paws are eggs-tra precious… maybe the mama has forgotten my wild behavior in the store after 6 years and I can go back with her to pick my own toy too? …well naaaah she still remembers and said NO!

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