Building on a Dream

Today we visited the Mister while he worked on his boat. This old tank is his dream come true – at least it will be in about a year.


It’s an old 1971 Owens-Brigatine, which had a reputation as being a supreme Marlin catching machine back in the day. Mister has always dreamed of having one, and a few months ago he came across this one and bought it for a song and a dance.


When dad’s happy, I’m happy!

This boat needs a lot of work, but the infrastructure is solid, and Mister knows boats and has made some connections to other people who have also restored boats like this.


We’re all excited about this project and taking trips to Catalina. It’s a good sized vessel at 33 feet, so it will hold steady in bumpy water. Best of all, Mister will be able to bring home lots of bluefin and yellow tail tuna, which we all love.

The Mister’s favorite fish to catch and release are the big fighters, like Marlin and Swordfish. The ocean temperature has been warmer than usual the past couple of years, which has made for great fishing in Southern California. There have been record numbers of Marlin out here, and even some Swordfish.

We’ve decided to change the name of the boat, but haven’t come up with one that we all like. Our friend suggested “Brig it On” because it is a Brigatine. We’ve also been contemplating a Hawaiian-themed name. Were still throwing out ideas, though. Feel free to toss any suggestions this way, friends! Who knows, maybe one will stick.

~Wags and woofs.

26 thoughts on “Building on a Dream

  1. oh I wish your daddy all the best and I hope we can see this wonderful boat on sea soon. The mama once was in love with an old boat (a Canot Breton) and she panned to name it Razzle Dazzle like the boat in jack londons novel. we sadly have no hands&paws for such a project, so the name is still free :o)

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  2. It is always gorgeous when dreams come true! Lots of work and after that lots of fun, sunshine, salty water, new places, wind…
    That name, it is a didficult thing, but because it is flying on the see, could it be something like,ooooo too difficult.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

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