Besties and Fine Wine

This weekend Kona got to hang out with his two buddies, Enzo and Dexter, while I hung out with my bestie.



Back in the old days, when they were pups, these guys chased each other around until their tongues were hanging out. There were always lots of stuffed animals around, which sometimes ended up deflated and flat after Enzo and Kona played tug-of-war with them. Dexter once had a cute pink bunny that Kona managed to decapitate.



Dexter, being the Cavalier that he is, enjoys a lifestyle of royalty and shopping. He also loves to be cuddled and pampered. At times, he seems to be somewhat conflicted, like a human trapped in a dogs body.


After a little playing, we did some napping…

They’ve all mellowed out a bit since their puppy days, replacing stuffed animal mutilations with frequent naps.


…and rested our eyes some more while the women talked (and talked, and talked).

It’s nice to have the kind of friends where you can always pick up where you left off, no matter how much time comes in between. Maybe we’re all mellowing out with age, like a fine wine, just like the wine we enjoy when visiting with my bestie.

Cheers to a great week 🙂


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