Saturday Shopping at Pacific City


Happy Saturday!

Mom and I decided to try something new this morning and take a stroll at Pacific City, the new shopping center on Coast Highway in Huntington Beach.


Though not all the stores are open yet, there are some really great restaurants and a wide variety of shops.


This was mom’s favorite store.


This was my favorite. Well, not the bath part of it.


This place smells great! Let’s go in! Hey, who’s that looking at me? She’s kinda cute…


Bones! Bones! Bones!


I snuck in a lick, hehe. I was getting really hungry by now!


Which way is the beach? Are we going swimming now?


The view from the restaurants isn’t too shabby.


There’s a lot of outdoor seating available, and a few glass-fire pits for chillier evenings.


Ok, I’ll look at the camera. Sheesh.

Most of the stores were still closed, so we got to peer in and snap lots of pics without disturbing anybody.


That was fun! Were going to come back soon to check out the other stores when they open. I hope there’s more BONE stores!!!!

Have a superb Saturday, friends!

Woofs and wags,

~ Kona



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