Spirited Kitty

Photo Jul 31

Should I tell my brother about the ghost hovering over him? Nah.

Hi Friends,

Scout signing on here. I had to sneak onto the computer and show you all proof of my psychic abilities. Can you see it? Look real close, now squint your eyes. Those are ghost vapors hovering over my brother, Pumpkin.

You see, I was born with THE VISION. My brother, on the other hand, is too dense to sense the spirits from beyond. He just gazes right past them, even when they are right in front of his face.

Luckily, this particular spirit has a sense of humor. It tickles Pumpkin, causing him to suddenly leap into the air and run away. Hee hee. That’s my kind of ghost!

Now you know the real story of why cats freak out for no apparent reason – Some FREE advice from your favorite clairvoyant kitty.

Meow meow meow,

~ Scout


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