Dog Day Afternoon, Ocean Style

We made it to dog beach!

On the way there, mom suddenly realized that she had totally forgotten that it is the final weekend of the US Surf Open. She worried that there would be masses of people and no parking. The Surf Open is hosted in HB every year, and is always packed with tourists. Luckily, we got through downtown without a glitch and found great parking.


Don’t worry, this guy was parked.


This is Ruby’s Diner. Mom says it used to be The End Cafe, before it was destroyed by huge waves in 1983.


Let’s go swimming!!!


There goes the Harbor Patrol.


Mom yells at me when I bite the water. She says the salt water will have undesirable after-effects, but I still sneak in a few bites when she’s not looking.


My human just loves this breed of dogs for some reason. Doesn’t she realize that it doesn’t have a tail?


Ok, mom. I’ll look into the camera. Then will you stop trying to get me to look at you?


We looked at the pretty houses on the way back to the car.


More pretty houses. Some were empty! Do people actually live here?


Mom said she grew up with these oil pumps. I think they are scary monsters.


Time to go home!

Have a spectacular week, my friends 🙂

Wags and woofs,



21 thoughts on “Dog Day Afternoon, Ocean Style

  1. Your dog beach looks like crazy fun, K. Biting the water seems like a bad idea if what your mom says is true… Yikes! Once I almost stepped in a puddle. Almost.

    Love and licks,


  2. Hi Kona, do you live in a paradise, the place looks like it. Your Mom takes great photos, I love that black and white photo, because you are smiling.
    You have white sand, have you ever seen the the white we have most of the year, snow?
    a cat in faraway Finland.


  3. hello kona its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow it luks like yoo had a grayt time at the beetch!!! i am afrayd of the beetch myself on akkownt of the oshun is their and so ar lots of peepuls!!! hay we hav wun of thoze rubys playses at the end of owr peer too dada tried to eet their wun time but the moshun of the peer with the wayvs mayd him seesik and he had to leev he is sutch a litewayt!!! ok bye

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kona<

    I love the beach….never seen one in real life but they look so cool. I bet Kali that you live in California. Kali says no, you live on an island like Hawaii. Your name is Hawaiian, the same as Kali's. Let us know who's right or if we're both out to lunch.


    Liked by 1 person

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