Did She Say Dog Beach?!?!

Good morning friends!

It’s a typical Saturday morning here on the west coast. All you east coast peeps and pups are probably out and about, maybe having lunch or chasing cats. Mom’s still sipping her morning coffee and is already holding the little clicking black box to her face. We all know what’s next…


Scout is on morning bird watch. He’s actually a pretty good hunter (way better than Pumpkin, but don’t tell him that).


The birds are chirping and twittering in the trees, luckily, just out of reach. Mom doesn’t like it much when Scout brings his “presents” home to her.


So, I was just laying here, taking a snooze, when I heard the words DOG BEACH!!! Mom sure knows how to wake up this ol’ dog!


She says it’s going to be another hot one, which in dog language means panting and drinking lots of water, unless we go to the BEACH!!!!! Then it’s splashing and rolling in sand and chasing my friends around.

I’ll keep you guys posted, okay? I’m sure there will be lots of clicking-camera stuff too!

See you again soon!

~ Kona


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