Uh Oh, Mom’s Breaking Out the Camera Again!

It’s been a bumpy couple of days, friends. Yesterday, mom drove me to that place she calls “the vet” because she said I was throwing up too much, and my eyes were all swollen. She told me I looked like I been boxing with Muhommad Ali, but the only Boxer I know is Duke from dog beach, and we haven’t played together for a while!


The vet lady took (dragged) me to another room and gave me a shot, because I was having an allergic reaction. It was NOT fun. Luckily, they brought me right back to mom and we were able to get home pretty quick. I just curled up in my bed and zonked out. Mom said I was tired from the Ben-a-Dryl.


Now, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is, I’m feeling 100% back to normal today! The bad news is, mom’s got her little black box camera-thingy glued to her face again and she’s following me and the cats around the house making click-click-click sounds.


My kitten bro’s did their best to hide from the evil little black box, but mom seemed to think their “little arms over their faces” was adorable. I guess so, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Now, back to the good news…it’s Friday!

Have a tail-wagging weekend and don’t forget to play!

~ Kona


11 thoughts on “Uh Oh, Mom’s Breaking Out the Camera Again!

  1. Hi, let your mom walk with that black box. Do you know that the box is a magic box, we all, around the world, see you and kitties. That is nice, because even here Finland, I know you if you walk by my home. I hope you don’t mind that I am a cat.
    Have a bonefull Saturday!
    a cat in faraway Finland.


  2. The vet is never fun. Although they are pretty free with the treats in that place. I also get ‘llergic sometimes, but I don’t get swollen eyes. I mostly try to scratch my face off or eat my paws for dinner. Also never fun – plus the cone. Glad you’re feeling better. Tell the kitties to work on their hiding technique. Or just let us see their gorgeous faces.

    Love and licks,


    • I like to eat my left paw for dinner. Mom gets mad at me – she says it looks like someone shot me in the paw. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing plenty of pictures very soon. She’s got the camera out already this morning!


  3. Hi Kona. Nice to see you picture again, BOL! And the kitties, even if they are pretending your Mom isn’t there with the clicky thing. Glad to hear you aren’t suffering with the allergies anymore.


  4. Hopefully you’re back to being right as rein on the allergies. The black box thingy, I can’t say anything other than when you’re adorably cute, uprights want to see them in photos when they can’t see them in person. Hope that’s some consolation.


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