Raw Food Follow Up


It’s been a little over a month since I started Kona on his raw food diet. I’m pleased to report that he is scratching much less, and the skin on his belly is no longer red and inflamed. He only licks his paws occasionally, whereas before he was licking them raw. His “corn chip” stinky dog smell is almost gone as well, though he is still getting weekly baths.

All in all I’d say the raw diet seems to be making a difference. Of course, I can’t back it up scientifically, but I do see that my pup is slowly getting back to his goofy, playful self for the first time in a long time.

The folks at the Dinovite website suggest maintaining the no-carb diet for at least three months to get rid of the yeast, so I’m going to keep this going. If Kona continues to improve, I’ll gradually start adding cooked white rice to extend his food supply.

I suppose the real test of success will come next summer, as the humidity rises and the fleas start hatching. Hopefully by then Kona’s immune system will be strong and his itch-free season will continue throughout the year.

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