This is Midnight. She’s a stray that has been making more frequent appearances lately, especially since my humans have been feeding her scraps of fish and chicken, and it’s also getting colder outside.

Are those scraps for me?

Are those scraps for me?

Currently, she’s raising a litter of kittens. My mom says she’s a good momma, and takes good care of her babies. Though Midnight is friendly, she won’t let anyone come too close. Especially me, since I tend to bark at her. The good news is our neighbor said she’s going to get her spayed and take her in. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Midnight

  1. Yay for your neighbor. I hope she understands the patience and caution she will have to have with a feral cat. It could be quite dangerous if she isn’t careful. I am not trying to discourage this, just hoping she will seek advice if she hasn’t done this before. So glad beautiful Midnight will be spayed and the kittens won’t be feral!


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