The War is Over… Almost

Mr. Baloney Head - the morning after fireworks day.

The morning after fireworks day. Kind of like a hangover.

We’ve had a fairly quiet morning – just a few distant firecracker pops. Me and the kittens have been lounging around the house, decompressing from last night’s Fourth of July battleground explosions.

Last night, after I finally settled down in my bathroom bomb shelter with the fan humming and radio playing to drown out the outside noise, my people ventured over to the elementary schoolyard across from our house, to get an unobstructed view of the fireworks show at the pier. Why humans like fireworks, I’ll never know.

Mom was amazed (and very annoyed) at the many mortars exploding all around us. She said they had 360 degrees of fireworks! These were some high-tech pyrotechnics in the hands of everyday folks. Our neighbors and their friends seemed to make the most of lighting up the sky until well after midnight. My humans say, though the fireworks are pretty, it’s not worth the price beloved pets have to pay.

I actually did fairly well last night. Even though I was definitely scared, panting and sticking very close to my mum, I did feel calmer than on previous holidays. My human gave me one melatonin capsule every evening since the explosions started on Thursday, and it does seem to help with my anxiety. Mom says she can’t be sure that it was actually the pill or just old age. Wait. What? Who’s old? Maybe I’m just getting more used to this with every year. I’ll have New Year’s Eve to try it out again. Great. Hopefully not again tonight, as things can get crazy once the sun goes down.

Fourth of July had it’s bright spots, and I did enjoy it. It really is a special time of the year for my peeps, but I’m a relieved (for ALL animals sake) that it’s finally over. In these parts, it is a week-long celebration!

Cheers to a peaceful Sunday!

Woofs and wags,

~ Kona


7 thoughts on “The War is Over… Almost

  1. hello mister baloney head its dennis the vizsla dog hay they kept shooting those things off heer for days after the holiday too!!! i do not no why peepul luv lowd noizes so mutch i cud definitly do withowt them myself!!! ok bye

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