Pupeye the Sailor Dog

Pupeye The Sailor Pup

Ahoy Matey!

Hi everyone! My human and I haven’t been here in a while. We’ve missed our doggie-bloggin’ community and are happy to be back in the animal kingdom. 🙂

Captain Kona

Keeping an eye out for dolphins and whales

The days are warming up here in Southern California, and that means putting on my sailor hat and cruising around the harbor in daddy’s boat. It’s a little scary for me at first, but I’m getting used to it. My favorite part is when The I get to swim in the water.

Even though I love summertime, my skin doesn’t. Mom says when the weather warms up, I get the Itchies & Scratchies. My doctor at the vet place says I probably have an allergy to fleas, and just one flea bite can make me scratch and bite myself until I’m panting with exhaustion. My doctor gave me some medicine, and it seems to be helping. Do any of other dogs out there get the summertime itchies like I do? How do you make it better?

My Humans

Selfie of my humans

Well, the good news is that when I feel the salty ocean breeze on my furry face, I forget all about those evil itchies. I’m just happy that my peeps have finally had time to take me on a fun trip WITHOUT my goober brothers, Pumpkin and Scout. It’s just me and the humans, just like in the good old days. I can’t wait to get home and let the kittens know where I’ve been. Their going to be sooooo jealous!

Hope you all are having a fun-filled Friday!

Woof and Wags,



8 thoughts on “Pupeye the Sailor Dog

  1. Nice to meetcha, Baloney Head! Itchies…when my now departed Sis had them (she was a collie/GSD and other things mix) here are things we did/you could try:
    1. Benedryl or other allergy meds for symptoms. Your vet will be glad to answer questions about what is safe (remember, NO tylenol)
    2. Shave-down. That way we could see if there were any fleas and also if she was developing a skin infection from scratching.
    3. Very cool baths also help with the itching when it gets to be too much.
    4. Change food to something totally different. Lamb and rice or salmon and sweet potato are both a good test if you haven’t been eating that. You will know within 24 hours if that was the problem.
    5. Chlorhexiderm shampoo if skin is red/sore. Look for signs of staph infection, which will require antibiotics.

    Even though I am a really smart schnauzer, my Mom helped me with this. 🙂

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