Dogs, Cats and Big Love

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
~ Anatole France

I have always adored dogs, in an obsessive kind of way. When I was I child, I wanted to be a dog. I would put a bowl on the ground and pretend to lick water out of it.

My relatives seem to enjoy reminiscing about this. “Remember when you were little and used to crawl around on you hands and knees and bark? Ha ha ha ha.”

The other little girls in the neighborhood, for reasons I could never understand, loved to play “house.” They would fight over who was going to be the mommy or the daughter. I wanted to be the dog. No one ever argued with that.

Dolls seemed kind of creepy to me, so my main childhood toys were stuffed animals and a few Tonka Trucks. Pee Wee, the tattered creature below, was my favorite.

Sir Pee Wee

Sir Pee Wee

Perhaps you’re wondering why a grown woman is holding on to her stuffed animals. This little guy, along with my living dogs, cats, hamsters, and rats, were my world growing up. They helped me to survive a complicated childhood. As an intensely shy, introverted kid, I always felt somewhat baffled with human behavior and a consequential awkwardness when I participated in social events.

I feel safe with dogs. I trust them, and they usually trust me. We have an understanding. We don’t lie to each other, or abandon. We don’t play silly head games (well, I might accidentally because I’m human). We give one another Big Love.* *

Note – not the same kind of Big Love like in the HBO series.

This pure love also holds true for cats. My I-am-not-a-cat-person husband was less than thrilled when I came home with two tiny kittens eight months ago. Since then, Pumpkin and Scout have pounced, kneaded, and purred their way into his heart.

My closest human friends share the same passion for their pups. We enjoy swapping funny stories and pondering the inner landscape of the canine psyche, hence the birth of this doggy-blog.

Life with animals is a lesson in love.


17 thoughts on “Dogs, Cats and Big Love

  1. I enjoyed it so much reading your post and I so agree… I totally disliked dolls, but I loved my stuffed dog Woofie… and he is still alive. My BFF and me invited no other girls to our birthdays, just our stuffed toys… our parents thought we have a screw loose, but what’s better than to celebrate with a dog :o)

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  2. Ah…….. memory of a cat! My Dad was adamant about it. No cat! My Mum, as usual, did a creative compromise and brought a kitten home but did not tell him. He soon found out and was totally indifferent to it until it was on the edge of an old well and he saw it stumble and fall in! He had the ladder down there in a minute and down he went to rescue our Tim-Tim! They were inseperable after that! 🙂

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  3. Lovely to read this 🙂 I also preferred stuffed toys, Teddy particularly, and didn’t have dolls. While you were crawling around being a dog – I was galloping round the garden being a horse! 🙂
    Those were the days! 🙂

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  4. hello mr baloney head its dennis the vizsla dog hay tel yore mama not to wurry abowt it my dada stil has a buntch of his old stuffd animals on a shelf in his offiss!!! in fakt i stole wun wunse and left it owt in the bakyard after wich he moovd them to a higher shelf so evidently wun shud not mess with anteek stuffd animals!!! ok bye

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    • Woof! Thanks Dennis. Baloney Head here… I’ve had my eyes on that scrawny little red dog creature… I even got my mouth around it once… he sure tasted good. I can only dream now cuz mom put them way up high on a shelf. grrrrrrrr.


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