Talented Scout

Talented Scout

I do believe that I am long overdue for some personal attention. You can’t avoid me. I won’t let you.

Scout signing on here. Mommy is away from her computer, attending her yog-urt class, so I’m taking over the writing for now. I feel that it’s time to unveil to the world the truth about this Very Talented Kitten.

I help my human bring her blog to life with my creative suggestions. As soon as I hear her fingers tap on the keyboard, I jump onto her lap and purr loudly, giving her my special nudge with my adorable head. She says I know how to work my cuteness to to my advantage. I’m not sure what that means, but it could be true.

My favorite part is stepping on her keyboard, so I can type a few words of my own, then laying down in front of her laptop and purring vigorously as I knead my little paws on her arm and gaze into her eyes.

“Now Scout,” she asks, “do you really think the universe revolves around you?” That’s a no-brainer! Of course it does. Now pet me.

Sometimes my brother, Pumpkin, jumps up and plops his big body down and starts biting the Missus’ fingers, and she puts us both on the floor.

Punk isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I’m the brains, and he’s the brawn. Missus says he has a wire crossed. Not sure what that means either, but it could be true.

My feline instinct is telling me that Missus is on her way home from yog-urt class, so I’ve got to scurry. Hmmmmm… this reminds me of what my next post is going to be about… why in the world would anyone call a pose downward-facing-dog and upward-facing-dog? We all know that cats are the true yogi’s, right?

Signing off for now,

meow meow meow


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