The Zen of Dog-Walking

Zen Dog Walk

Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.
~ Francis Bacon

I have a confession to make. Ever since the kittens came into our lives, I’ve been slacking on Kona’s daily walks. My husband and I used to be diligent about taking him out every evening after dinner, but I guess we’ve just fallen out of the habit.

So, guilt has gotten the best of me, and I’ve started taking him out for walks in the A.M. – before daily distractions can occur.

At 7:30 this morning we hit the sidewalk. The sun was brilliant in the crystal blue sky – a welcome change from the recent lingering marine layer.

As we walked, I began noticing the quiet stillness of the neighborhood. Knowing that in an hour the streets would be bustling with cars and children walking to the nearby elementary school, I made a conscious effort to linger on the sounds of life around me.

Sparrows chirped sweetly in the trees as they flitted from branch to branch. Moments later, a church bell chimed softly in the distance, while the soft murmur of traffic moving down Coast Highway morphed into ocean sounds.

It’s easy to get into a Zen mode while walking my pup, mostly because he stops to sniff every blade of grass for at least a minute, giving me ample opportunity for meditation.

We continued for a few blocks, Kona sniffing as I listened to the world go by.

When we arrived home, I unhooked the leash and opened the back door. Kona ran like a banshee to the back yard, and began a series of laps around the avocado tree.

I look forward to morning dog walks. There is something special about sharing the the sound of silence with my favorite buddy.


5 thoughts on “The Zen of Dog-Walking

  1. That’s absolutely beautiful. Jacques and I have our time in the afternoons before kids get home from school (neither of us are worth anything before about 10 a.m.). Your walks are a great time to tune into yourself and your puppy love. Good for you! Enjoy!

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